Consistency is king

Didnt get paid for doing something you love? Keep showing up, regardless. Didn’t get a medal for pouring your heart into your work? Keep showing up, regardless. Didn’t change the world in the way you wanted? Keep showing up, regardless. Be patient, do the work, and opportunities should come. If you miss opportunities, or they don’t show up, keep going, because it’s in our nature to do so. Find that thing that’s worth doing every day and don’t let go.

A short story about trees - prologue

There’s no room for nuance in tree politics. Trees are rooted firmly in the same position, physical and moral, their entire lives. When they are mere saplings, they pick sides, and that’s that. There’s no such thing as a swing voter or centrist policy. Trees are partisans, and they grow more stubborn as they age. Each new ring on the trunk represents another year of defiance, a thicker skin against views that conflict with one’s own.

It’s frowned upon for a tree to change its political position, just as it’s frowned upon for a tree to uproot itself and move to a different part of the wood to steal sunlight from its peers. Consequently, trees find themselves stuck for their whole lives, often between other trees with radically different views. This encourages healthy debate, as there is no way for trees to segregate themselves. They stand side by side with the enemy, arguing at great length about what to do with the world.


Every one hundred years, the trees vote on important issues. The hundred-year gap is a long one, but it allows plenty of time for old trees to die and new trees to be born, and for the opinions of the forest to shift naturally with time. A more frequent vote would be pointless, since the trees don’t change their views. They also take a long time to get anything done.


There is only one tree that is allowed to remain impartial, and that’s the grandest tree in the wood. It cannot be swayed by anything other than the wind, and when it speaks, the entire forest feels its presence. Though it has the most power in the wood, it wields it only in the name of justice. It is nameless and genderless. It is everything and it is nothing and is known only as ‘the minister’. The minister of the forest.