Dig deep

Other professionals are working when you’re sleeping: rising early or burning the midnight oil. You don’t have to do these things, but what if you applied that kind of work ethic to your craft? What if you left it all out there on the table, every day? How would the quality of your life improve? Knowing you couldn’t have done any more, or pushed any harder - there’s comfort in that.

Make self-help a broken record

There’s only so much self-help you can read, listen to or engage with. Eventually, you have to help yourself and do what needs to be done. Once the advice and mantras start to sound like a broken record, you have everything you need. Go.

Be your own taskmaster

Demand more from yourself, and exceed the minimum daily standard. Once you’ve established a routine, that’s the easy part done. How far can you go beyond the routine? That is where the best work comes to fruition.

Steal minutes to win

Our lives are busy, our social calendars are hectic. That’s okay. But in the non-time, the time inbetween, where can you steal minutes? Where can you find precious seconds to work on the one thing you care about most?

Our existence is a blink in time, and who we are or have been won’t last. We must remind ourselves of that.

However, a life well lived can pass on immeasurable benefit to the next generation. It’s not about being the most successful or even the most influential, but living the best life you can - the kind of life that makes you get into bed saying ‘today was a good day’.

Finish on a round number

When you’re flagging, work ‘til the clock gets to the next round number. It’s not as far away as you think. And when you get there, you might be able to do more.

If you can’t persuade yourself to do 10 minutes more, you’re not a pro.

Nobody needs to be the LeBron James of their craft, but adopting the mentality of the best will help you eke out a few extra minutes. If you’re dissatisfied with your results, consider the concert pianist or the brain surgeon. What have they been doing for years? Unflinchingly, unrelentingly, they’ve been practising. They don’t even watch the clock. They keep going til they have to eat or sleep. They have committed to their discipline. Will you commit to yours?

You might respond by saying ‘I want balance in my life’ or ‘I don’t need to be the best in the world’. Fine. But you can do 10 more minutes.

Commit to the craft

Having a main project is important, and it’s important to see it through to the end. But when you’ve run out of steam for the day, it’s beneficial to add to your side projects. It can be refreshing, and allows you to find a second/third/fourth wind before you wrap up for the day.

If you’ve got the window seat

You’re going to look out. Doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re going. Young or old, you’re looking. It’s proof that we all have the capacity to be curious. Can we apply this to the banal everyday activities we’ve gotten so used to?