There are at least two trillion galaxies

In the observable universe, the only forms of complex life that we have been able to find are right here, on Earth. The rarity of our existence is staggering. Such rarity is blind luck, and the most precious gift. Whether we are going through dark times or light, it is valuable to remember this.

Consider grief. It really is a blessing that you were able to love someone. It is a tiny miracle amid the chaos of the universe.

Consider joy. Remember that it is also one of these tiny miracles.

Often, these emotional states are forced on us by chance. We have no choice but to experience them in the moment.

The events of the universe are constantly changing, but whatever that means for us as individuals, we can find meaning in the randomness of our existence.

Train focus

Every day. By strengthening your concentration, you are working towards a life less filled with distraction and fatigue. Push beyond what you previously thought was possible.