1.1 - The Unexpected Joys of Being a Pigeon - Chapter 1

Paddy is the only son of perhaps the most famous pigeons in all of England. In somewhat unusual circumstances, he finds himself alone, on a journey of self-discovery, on the wintry, unforgiving streets of London. His destination? Trafalgar Square, aka pigeon paradise. It should be fairly easy, especially for a bird, but when Paddy accidentally steps on a Eurostar train, he’s whisked off to Paris. If he ever makes it home, will he live up to the successes of his parents? Will he find paradise? Will he become his own bird? Expect lots of absurdly unexpected birdy behaviour: cooking, philanthropy, fashion design, with a dash of romance, a helping of skullduggery, and, perhaps more expectedly, copious amounts of birdpoo.